Turkish company Illa Group established a daughter company called '' BIOIL '' based in Kotorsko, near Doboj in 2015. In September 2016, the company finalized renovation of a plant for the production of oil. Factory process sunflower seeds for the production of raw products (base) oil obtained from the best sunflower seeds, which is then exported. The plant's capacity is 300 tons of sunflowers per day from which receives 130 tons of oil per day.

Special attention is given to investing in human resources. Employees of "BIOIL", except that they have the opportunity to gain experience in a large system in the presence of experts who have experience gained in large foreign companies for oil production, which gives them the opportunity to also acquire new knowledge and skills in various seminars and workshops to improve personnel management and technical profile.

As a socially responsible company "BIOIL" pays great attention to environmental issues and improving the quality of life in the community, and in addition to the development of new technologies and the development of existing, closely follow the latest domestic and world requirements for environmental protection. The company in the production facility has a laboratory seed testing, where analyzes are carried out with modern technologies.

Our goal is to increase production capacity and to expand its operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region, and to become recognizable and competitive company that operates in the market of Turkey and the EU.



Since September 2016, we started production of crude oil. Our goal is rapid progress as well as business development and market expansion. Our people are the foundation of our success and we want to ensure them additional trainings which will also contribute to the progress of our business activities in Kotorsko and the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"BIOIL" is a modern company that respects all principles of modern business and social responsibility. Our special focus is to improve general results, the results of operations by improving the organization of work, continuous education and training of employees, by introduction of new information technologies and reduction of production costs as well as expansion of the production program through creative conquest and development of new products.

With our work and professionalism we want to meet all market requirements. We perform constant control and supervision by the review and improvement of the quality and health safety of products.




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